Full Version: What are some positive Co-parenting tips?
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What are some positive Co-parenting tips?

Be patient and flexible. Even if you have a co-parenting court order in place, cut the other parent some slack if an unexpected change occurs and he or she has to change your agreed-upon schedule.

Make your child’s happiness and well-being your number one goal. No matter how ugly or costly your divorce or separation proceedings get, always make your children's best interests the top priority.

Encourage your child’s relationship with the other parent by speak positively (or at least neutrally) about a parent your child sees less often. Forward all emails concerning your children’s activities, including changes and cancellations, to the other parent. Inform the other parent about school and day care conferences, and if you get along well enough, schedule them at a time you both can attend.

Communicating openly and frequently with the other parent helps both of you stay on top of what's going on in your child's life. Plus, it'll help avoid misunderstandings that could result in a larger conflict.
Create smooth transitions between households.
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