Full Version: How does mediation work?
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How does mediation work?

Mediation is an effective alternative to avoid family disputes disintegrating into complicated court cases. During mediation, the two parties (and possible children and extended family) meet with a facilitator who remains neutral to them both and helps them communicate, develop options, clarify issues and focus on the future.

Mediation is less time consuming, more cost effective and more informal than legal proceedings, and it encourages meaningful communication between the parties. This can result in less conflict and the parties having a greater say in the resolution of their legal issues. This often also leads to a better commitment to the terms of the agreement.

In cases involving children, mediation is a better way of helping make sure that children’s rights to be heard and express their views are upheld because mediation takes their best interests into account by acknowledging the existence of both emotions and legal disputes; it is not strictly a legal consideration. Ultimately, this helps to establish a better future relationship between the child’s parents in their dealings with each other.
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