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What if the child refuses visitation?
What if the child refuses visitation?

The reasons as to why your child is refusing visitation with your co-parent are unique to your situation, but some causes might include:
• Your child is unhappy with the rules they must follow at your co-parent's house
• Your co-parent lives far away from their friends, school, activities, and other things they enjoy
• Your child and your co-parent disagree on a range of matters and frequently argue, straining their relationship
• Your child does not get along with your co-parent's new partner or other people living in their home

After an agreement has been reached, legally, in terms of visitation, you must comply unless visits are posing a threat to the child. Hindering a visitation can result in a contempt charge from the court.

When a child refuses visitation, it puts a parent in a difficult position. Make sure you protect your child if there’s any evidence that the child is being abused in the other parent’s care. However, it’s equally important to protect yourself in these types of situations by documenting facts and involving your child’s other parent in situations where a child refuses visitation. It may also be helpful for you to get your child’s other parent involved and put some responsibility on them to help make the visit happen.

If both parents fail to reach a compromise, they should try mediation with someone who is familiar with handling higher conflict situations and understands about changes in the parent’s role post-separation or divorce.

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